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Request url:{id}/children. This service is a POST-request.

This search service delivers a list of archival descriptions with the requested searchterm one level deeper in the hierarchy of the archival description identified with {id}. A web developer can use this service to create a tree-like presentation of a search result.

Request parameters

Three request parameters can be used to do a search in archival descriptions.


  "count": 5,
  "startIndex": 0,
  "query": "nepal"

On [base_url]/search/ead/F9816/children, it gives all the clevel descriptive units of finding aid identified with "F9816", in hierarchy directly under F9816 that contain the searchterm "nepal".


The resultlist is delivered in chunks of a certain size. Request parameter "count" describes the number of results that are in one chunk. Optional. Default value is 5.


Request parameter "startIndex" enables you to select the results that you want to have. Counting starts at zero. If "count" = 5, the second chunk starts with startIndex 5, the following at startIndex 10, etc. Optional. Default value is 0.


Containing the searchterm(s). Required.

Response parameters

The response contains a list of the descriptions where the requested search-term(s) was/were found.


  "totalResults": 1,
  "startIndex": 0,
  "totalPages": 1,
  "eadSearchResults": [
      "id": "C5026409",
      "fondsUnitTitle": "Inventaris van het code-archief van het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, 1955-1964",
      "fondsUnitId": "2.05.118",
      "repository": "Nationaal Archief",
      "country": "NETHERLANDS",
      "language": "",
      "langMaterial": "",
      "unitDate": "1961",
      "repositoryCode": "NL-HaNA",
      "hasDigitalObject": false,
      "docType": "Descriptive Unit",
      "docTypeId": "du",
      "level": "clevel",
      "indexDate": "Mon Dec 07 10:18:59 UTC 2015",
      "unitId": "2.05.118 - 11917",
      "unitTitle": "Nepal, 1961",
      "unitTitleWithHighlighting": "<em>Nepal</em>, 1961",
      "scopeContent": "",
      "scopeContentWithHighlighting": null
  "sortFields": [


The response parameter "totalResults" gives the number of results.


The response parameter "startIndex" gives the number of the chunk you requested.


The response parameter "totalPages" gives the number of chunks.


Enumeration of the results. A result could be a holdings guide, a source guide, a finding aid, or a descriptive unit (ie. a sublevel component). They are all optional except "id".

id Internal APE identifier of the result
unitId Identifier of the result provided by the repository
unitTitle Description of the result
unitTitleWithHighlighting Description of the result, with the mark "<em>" to emphasize the search term that was used in the search request.
unitDate Date of creation of the result.
scopeContent More descriptive information about the result.
scopeContentWithHighlighting More descriptive information about the result, with the mark "<em>" to emphasize the search term that was used in the search request.
hasDigitalObject TRUE/FALSE
langMaterial Language in which the result is created.
language Language of the description of the result.
docType Type of archives describing document where the result is found : "Finding Aid", "Holdings Guide", "Source Guide" or "Descriptive Unit".
level Type of result: "archdesc" for highest level description or "clevel" for subordinate components
fondsUnitId Identifier of the fonds provided by the repository.
fondsUnitTitle Title of the finding aid.
repository Name of the repository holding the fonds
repositoryCode Code of the repository holding the fonds. Preferably, but not necessarily ISIL.
country Name of the country where the repository is. In English.


This response parameter sums up the various fields you can use to order the resultList in a, new, additional request (see searchEad#sortRequest):

  • date
  • findingAidNo
  • orderId
  • title
  • referenceCode