Installing ICA-AtoM v1.3.0 on Wamp server v2.2

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Any website or software tool that you want to run within your personal webserver, Wamp server v2.2, has to be installed in the directory "www" of the Wamp server installation.

Downloading and installing ICA-AtoM v1.3.0

So for installing ICA-AtoM v1.3.0 on Wamp server v2.2, download this zip file: and extract it into the subdirectory "www" of your Wamp sever installation. If you have accepted the default value for the Wamp server directory according to the Wamp server installation guide which you can find over here), extract it into: c:\wamp\www\ (figure 1):

ICA-AtoM installation, figure 1

  • After extraction of the zip file over there, that directory will contain a new directory called "icaatom-1.3.0" and a file called "package.xml" (figure 2):
ICA-AtoM installation, figure 2

  • The real installation of ICA-AtoM will take place within your personal webserver, Wamp server v2.2, so go to the Wamp server interface via the green "W"-icon on the right of the taskbar and choose "Localhost" (figure 3):
ICA-AtoM installation, figure 3

  • Next you will see the opening screen of Wamp server in your webbrowser again, but this time it has a project in the "Your Projects" section. It is a link to the directory "icaatom-1.3.0" which was just created in c:\wamp\www\ (figure 4):
ICA-AtoM installation, figure 4

Fine-tuning ICA-AtoM v1.3.0

  • Clicking on the link "icaatom-1.3.0" in the "Your Project" section of Wamp server opens the first ICA-AtoM installation screen in your webbrowser. It will perform a check whether your system (your personal webserver, Wamp server v2.2) is suitable for an ICA-AtoM installation first, so click on "Continue" to start this system check (figure 5):
ICA-AtoM installation, figure 5

  • After a successful sysem check the "Configure database" screen will appear in which you are asked to enter information on the database ICA-AtoM can use (figure 6):
ICA-AtoM installation, figure 6

  • Replace the default value for the Database name "qubit" with the name of the database you created when fine-tuning Wamp server, so with "icaatom", accept the default values for Database username and Database password (unless you entered a specific username and password for the database "icaatom" in Wamp server) and click on "Save and continue" (figure 7):
ICA-AtoM installation, figure 7

  • Next the "Configure site" screen will appear in which you can enter some basic information for the ICA-AtoM website in which you can publish your EAD finding aids (figure 8):
ICA-AtoM installation, figure 8

  • Enter a Site title, a Site description and provide a Username, Email address and Password for the administrator account and click on "Save and continue" (figure 9):
ICA-AtoM installation, figure 9

  • Next ICA-AtoM will process this information and will finish the installation process, after which you can go to the main screen of ICA-AtoM via the link "You may now visit your new site" (figure 10):
ICA-AtoM installation, figure 10

  • Clicking on the link "your new site" opens the main screen of ICA-AtoM in your webbrowser and from now on this screen will appear if you click on the link "icaatom-1.3.0" in the "Your Projects" section of your personal webserver, after accessing that via choosing "Localhost" in the Wamp server interface (figure 11):
ICA-AtoM installation, figure 11

ICA AtoM v1.3.0 is now up and running on your personal webserver, Wamp server v2.2, so you can start using it to create EAD finding aids.