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In the main page you see five menus at the top: File, Options, Actions, Windows and About:

APE DPT manual, figure 5, the 'homepage' of the DPT, the 'Summary' tab is activated by default

The screen below is divided in two parts:

  • on the left side an empty list named XML and EAD files with three action button at the bottom, of which one is active: Choose your file; the other two are named: Create holdings guide and List controlaccess,
  • the right side contains five tabs at the top named: Summary, Validation, Conversion, Europeana conversion and Edition.

Just above these five tabs, you can see the label: File name: . It is meant to display here the name of the file that is selected while working with the tool (only if just one file is selected, not several).

The Summary tab has:

  • four action buttons named: Convert, Validate, Convert and validate selected and Convert to EDM,
  • two radio button lists:
    • one named: Stylesheets for choosing the stylesheet needed: default-apeEAD.xsl and default-apeEAC-CPF.xsl,
    • one named: Schemas for choosing the schema to be used: apeEAD, EAD 2002, EAD 3, EAD 2002 DTD, apeEAC-CPF, EAC-CPF, EAG 2012, apeMETS, apeMETS Rights and apeMETS Xlink.

The other tabs stay empty until a file is processed. Once a file has been processed, they will display the according information.