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The Data Preparation Tool (DPT) is meant to help you prepare your data locally, off-line, to be compliant with the minimum requirements needed to publish data in the portal: one apeEAG file describing your institution, and apeEAD files describing your archives. The DPT offers the same range of functionalities as the Dashboard, with some differences though. Basically, it offers more possibilities than the Dashboard. This tool is altogether a validation tool, a conversion tool, an edition and a creation tool. These different actions can be combined, processed in batch etc. Different options give the possibility to check one’s data on different points, before or after conversion.

- Validation tool:

Against existing schemas: this allows you to check whether your data are compliant to the EAD schema for instance. After a conversion: this is a mandatory step to obtain correct apeEAD, EAG 2012 or apeEAC-CPF files that can afterwards be uploaded and published in the Portal.

- Conversion tool:

You can convert from a lot of formats to a lot of others. You can even import your own style sheet to convert your data: from EAD 2002 to apeEAD, from apeEAD to EDM etc. You can also create your own date conversion table to get normalised dates (for instance from: "20th century" to: "1901/2000").

- Edition tool:

Once the conversion is done, you can edit your file and check that everything went smoothly; on top of that, the tool provides you a report on the points that can be improved (data quality check) within the tool: normalise the dates, add titles and the type of digital objects.

- Creation tool:

The tool offers you the possibility to create from scratch different types of files: holdings guides based on your finding aids, EAG2012 files, EAC-CPF files and EDM files from your apeEAD files. Please note that the tool is able to work with XML only. Other data cannot be processed by the tool and have to undergo additional actions before being ready to be used in the DPT.

The latest version of the tool (v2.1.11) is available for download over here.