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Request url:{id}. This service is a GET-request.

This download-service enables a web developer to download a complete finding aid, holdings guide or source guide identified with {id} as EAD/XML-document.

For this service you must change the accept header into "application/octet-stream" or leave it out.

Request parameters


Internal APE identifier of a finding aid (id is starting with "F"), a holdings guide (id is starting with "H"), a source guide (id is starting with "S"). In this service, if the identifier does not start with a "F", "H" or "S" you will get an error message. This parameter is required.

N.B.: you can find the (internal APE) identifier of a finding aid, a holdings guide or a source guide which is necessary for using this service via the /search/ead service

Response parameters

None. The response is the actual EAD/XML file of the requested document.