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The Country Manager takes care of the registration of archival institutions in his/her country within the archival landscape of the Archives Portal Europe and for providing Dashboard accounts for these archival institutions. A list of Country Managers can be found over here.

Registration and log in

Providing Dashboard accounts is done via email registration. Once you are appointed by your institution for the role of Institution Manager, your Country Manager will use the institution registration he/she took care of in the Dashboard to send you an email containing your username (which is your email address), a password, a secret question and answer and a link to directly access the Dashboard.

If your institution has already signed the Content Provider Agreement, you will get access to the Content Checker and to the Production environments through two different messages. Otherwise, you will only get access to the Content Checker environment.

Login screen of the Dashboard

Note that the type of environment (Content Checker or Production) is always mentioned in the header of the screen (here: Production)

User account customisation

Once logged in, you can change via the option "Edit user information" in the top right of the screen your name, secret question and answer and password (strongly recommended) and your email address.

If you forget your password, you can get a new one by clicking on the link mentioned in the login page and from then follow the instructions that you will receive via email.

You can also change the language of the interface by using the dropdown list on the top right of the screen.

Edit user information