How to create EAD from scratch using ICA-AtoM

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The ICA-AtoM tool is available for free download in two versions: release 1.3.1 ( and release 2.1.2 ( and both have to be installed on a webserver. However, an older version of this tool (release 1.3.0), can easily be installed on a common desktop computer or laptop which can act as a personal webserver using freely downloadable webserver software, such as Wamp Server ( or XAMPP (

The best combination for giving ICA-AtoM a try on a Windows 7 32-bits desktop computer or laptop[1] is using Wamp server version 2.2 and the old ICA-AtoM release 1.3.0 and the following pages describe how to download, install and use these software packages:

  1. This has also been tested successfully on a Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 64-bits computer/laptop.