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The list in the left part of the screen shows the files you process:

APE DPT manual, figure 25: the list with an overview of the files and their status

In the list you can see the status of the files: successfully converted and validated files are shown in green, those with either a conversion or validation problem are shown in red, the ones that not have been processed yet are in black and the ones that have been saved to the output directory have a saved icon in front of them. Files with an entire green bar over them are the ones that are either being processed or being looked at (their more detailed information is shown in the tabs in the right part of the screen).

Upload files to the list

By clicking on the main menu option File and then on the submenu option Select file or directory, you can upload one or several file(s) or a whole directory with files. The last path used when opening files is memorised by the tool. If the option Checks when loading files is set to yes, only XML files are added to the list, and non-XML files are discarded. It's not possible to load two files with the same name. An according error message is displayed if it happens and you are asked to cancel the action or overwrite the first file.

APE DPT manual, figure 26: fetch files to be processed

Remove files from the list

Select the file(s) by clicking on the name of one or more files and use the right click of the mouse, or after having selected it (them), choose Close selected file(s) in the main menu option File.

APE DPT manual, figure 27: remove selected files from the list

Functions of the list

Processing files

In order to process a file, or a batch of files, make a selection in the list, and then start the convert and/or validate process it by using the buttons in the Summary tab in the right part of the screen. The radio buttons in the right part of the screen indicate which schema and style sheet you are going to apply to your file(s). By default, the buttons are selected to convert or validate EAD files in apeEAD and by using the default apeEAD style sheet.

APE DPT manual, figure 28: convert and validate buttons activated

The action buttons in the right part of the screen are activated when at least one file is selected in the list and depending on the status of your file (for example, the button Convert to EDM will only be available for validated apeEAD files).

The button Convert to EDM is activated when a file containing digitised objects has been successfully converted to apeEAD and validated.

The button at the bottom of the list, Create holdings guide, is activated when at least one already successfully converted and validated file is selected in the list.

APE DPT manual, figure 29: buttons Convert to EDM and Create holdings guide activated

Indicating the result of the action processed

When a file has been successfully converted and validated, its colour changes in the list to green. If an error occurred, its colour changes to red. The same for the colour of the tab corresponding to the process conducted.

When you are processing large files or a lot of files at the same time, the progression and status of the operations will be shown via a progress bar.

APE DPT manual, figure 30: while processing files a progress bar is shown

You can stop the process whenever you want by pressing the Abort button that is available in the progress bar during the process, but please note that after pressing the Abort button, the tool will finish its last operation before stopping.

Save files

To save your converted and/or validated files, you have to choose Save selected APE file(s) in the main menu option File. It saves the file(s) you have selected in the list.

APE DPT manual, figure 31: select files to be saved

After saving, a notification will be shown and you will noticed that the files that are saved are marked with a small saved or disk icon in front of the file name in the list.

APE DPT manual, figure 32: notification about saving files

By default files you save will be stored in the output folder, unless you have chosen a different location for this via the option Default folder for saved files in the main menu option Options.

  • If the file is valid, the file will be saved and renamed as follows in the output folder: ape{schema_used}_{original_filename}.{original_extension} and an according message will be shown.
  • If the file is not valid the file will be saved and renamed as follows in the output folder: NOT_ape{schema_used}_{original_filename}.{original_extension} and an according message will be shown.

{schema_used} can be "EAD", "EAG" or "EAC-CPF". Examples: apeEAD_4.DEF.xml or apeEAG_NL-HaNA.xml.

APE DPT manual, figure 33: overview of saved files in the output folder