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The tool is distributed as a ZIP archive file, APE_data_preparation_tool_X.Y.Z.zip, X.Y.Z being the version number.
The latest version of the tool (v2.3.5) is available for download over here.

Requirements in order to use the standalone tool:

  • have Java 6 or higher installed on your computer. You can verify which version is installed on your computer by launching the console (Windows) or terminal (UNIX) and typing: java -version.

Please do the following once you have the ZIP archive:

  • Uncompress the ZIP archive using 7-zip, winzip or any program able to uncompress ZIP archives
  • You will have a folder containing 2 folders (lib and xls) and 5 files.
  • Depending on your Operating System (OS):
    • Using Windows: double-click on the launch.bat file,
    • Using UNIX: using your terminal launch the launch.sh file (i.e. type: shlaunch.sh – make sure that the file has at least the execution right: chmod +x launch.sh),
    • Using OS X: double-click on the APE_data_preparation_tool-jar-with-dependencies.jar file.

In Windows double-clicking the APE_datapreparation_tool_jar-with-dependencies.jar file can also be used as an alternative to double-clicking the launch.bat file.

  • On the first launch of the tool, a dialogue box will ask first for your country code (2-letter country code, in capital characters, compliant to iso3166), then an identifier for your archives: please enter your registered ISIL identifier (if you have one, else you will still need to enter a valid iso15511 code). Note that you can change those anytime you want in the options. Be aware that the dialogue box might stay in the background so that you could not see it at first.

The ISO standard 15511 consists of up to 14 characters, usually starting with a two-letter country code (or a one-three- of four-letter organisational code), followed by a hyphen, followed by an alphanumeric code for the single institution. The latter can contain the digits 0 to 9, the characters A to Z and the characters -, / or \.

  • The program should now be running (see figure 1 below), if that’s not the case, please refer to the troubleshooting section of this manual.
  • The folder now contains 4 folders (apeoptions, lib, output and xsl) and 6 files.
APE DPT manual, figure 1: "Homepage" of the DPT, summary tab activated by default