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The general Archives Portal Europe's system administrator is responsible for assigning Country Manager accounts.

Registration and login

The Dashboard is accessible after email registration. Once appointed by the national archives for the role of Country Manager, you will receive an email containing your username (which is your email address), a password, a secret question and answer and a link to directly access the Dashboard.

CM manual, figure 2

User account customisation

Once logged in you can change your name, your email address, your secret question and answer via the option "Edit user information" in the top right of the screen.

You can also change your password and in case you have forgotten it, you can always get a new one by clicking on the link mentioned in the homepage of the Dashboard, the one you arrive at before you log in.

CM manual, figure 3

You can also change the language of the interface of the Dashboard by using the dropdown list in the top right corner of the screen.