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The "Manage Institution Managers" section enables the Country Manager to create, delete, disable and change the Institution's Managers accounts. By default, the newly created institutions are managed by the Country Manager, until the Institution's Manager account is created. All these actions are performed from a table listing the institutions formerly created within the Archival Landscape (see figure 8 below). Please note that the institutions are ordered alphabetically by their name.

CM manual, figure 8

Note that in this table Country Managers can Enable METS for an institution that wants to make use of the Archives Portal Europe's EAD+METS functionality, i.e. wants to give access to its digital objects via (external) links to METS/XML files in its EAD/XML files rather than via (internal) links using the EAD/XML element <dao/>.

Create an Institution Manager account

The button Create institution manager in the list as shown in figure 8 above leads you to a form where you have to fill the name and email address of the future institution manager (see figure 9 below).

CM manual, figure 9

An email is automatically sent to the holder of this email address, with the Country Manager in copy. The institution managers can access his/her account in the Dashboard by following the instructions given in the email message.

Note that one person can manage several institutions. In such a case, you have to choose his/her name in the dropdown list next to "Associate to existing partner". An Institution Manager managing content on behalf of more than one institution is asked to select the institution he/his wants to work for from the dropdown list in the Content Manager section, after having logged in the Dashboard.

Delete and disable an account

A Country Manager can delete an Institution Manager's account by clicking on the Delete button. The Institution Manager will be notified via an e-mail that his/her account has been deleted. A Country Manager can also disable an Institution Manager account by clicking on the Disable button. This functionality is useful when an Institution Manager forgets to disconnect and the Country Manager needs to either access his/her account, or activate some maintenance process. A disabled account can easily be re-activated again later on by clicking on the Enable button.

Change to accounts

A Country Manager can temporarily switch to any of the Institution Manager accounts if needed. This can be handy to help a new partner by having a look at something that he/she does not understand for instance, or to proceed to some specific tasks.